Advanced Research Methods in Human-Computer Interaction

Course dates

  • Monday 9 am - 11 am (lecture)

  • Friday 11 am -1 pm (lecture)

  • Friday 1 pm - 3 pm (project seminar = exercise)

This course aims to guide students through the entire research process in the field of Human Computer Interaction. Through this course, you will have the opportunity to publish your first academic work based on practical assignments and projects.

The course is divided into a theoretical lecture part and a practical exercise part:

Theoretical part (lectures at the beginning and middle of the semester)

  • lectures on methods for finding and viewing relevant literature carrying out a project learning research principles and research methods for quantitative and qualitative analysis of collected data
  • provides the theoretical background for solving the tasks

Practical part (exercises throughout the semester)

  • practical, related research projects (individual and group work)
  • experience in experimental design and data analysis (We will carry out a research project will be and the results will be presented. The presentations and the final report will be evaluated at the end.)

Required work for credit points(Leistungspunkte) and examination admission:

  1. Lecture(s) by the students
  2. Intermediate and/or final reports on development projects or experiments

After completing the module, students can:

  • distinguish and apply approaches of HCI research
  • apply types of empirical research
  • read and understand a scientific publication
  • formulate research questions, hypotheses, and experimental variables
  • create study designs based on previously developed research questions
  • conduct studies using quantitative and qualitative data collection methods
  • analyzing, evaluating, and interpreting quantitative data based on statistical methods
  • analyze and interpret qualitative data based on grounded theory
  • understand the peer review process and write reviews for a scientific publication
  • understand and apply evaluation techniques with and without users
  • write the knowledge gained as a scientific publication and present it to a specialist audience


  • Kosch, Thomas, Prof.
  • Katins, Christoph

This course may be taken by the following majors:

  • Computer Science (Master Of Science)
  • Computer Science (Master Of Art)
  • Information Systems (Master of Science)
  • Computer Science (Master Of Education)

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Katja Chen